Company Values

Creativity as a company engine

All team members try to come up with creative ideas to improve the product and services. This contributes to continuous innovation and continuous quality improvement.

Cleanliness is the core of the perfect final design.

Daily care for a clean environment leads to a great result in creating coating.

Innovation and quality

We are constantly striving to innovate, both in terms of technology and the products we supply and the services we provide. This research is conducted with respect to the customer and anticipation of changes that occur in the company and in the markets. It leads to the creation of value that is the right response to customer needs. It is necessarily extended to the continuous improvement of productivity and quality.

The customer co-directs the direction of the company

That's why we constantly focus on our customers and their goals - we are customer-oriented. We communicate with them their requirements for the final product and service and thus help them fulfill their visions.


We strive to contribute to sustainable development through the energy savings achieved through the use of our products, but also through innovative technologies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our industrial activities. At the same time, we strive to ensure and improve the conditions of health and safety at work.